That Actor - David Harbour



I was watching A Walk Among the Tombstones starring Liam Neeson, when I saw David Harbour in it,

Harbour is an American actor from New York that you might recognize from Quantum of Solace.
Be sure to check David Harbour out in Black Mass.

That Actor - Andrea Whitburn



Andrea Whitburn is one of those actresses that seems like she has been in just about everything, but when you actually look into it, she hasn't appeared in that many films. For example, here she is in Poison Ivy: The Secret Society.

Be sure to check her out in Wrecker.

Peter Stormare



Peter Stormare is a Swedish actor best known for his woodchipper-weilding performance in Fargo.

I remember him best however, as the cocky hunter who gets devoured by the smallest dinosaurs in Jurassic Park: The Lost World.

Be sure to check him out in The Big Lebowski.

That Actor - Blake Lively



Blake Lively is an American actress perhaps best known for her role on the TV series GossipGirl.





She first came to my attention in Green Lantern.







Be sure to check her out in The Town.




That Actor - Margot Robbie



Margot Robbie is an Australian actress perhaps best known for her performance in The Wolf of Wall Street.


It took me a moment to realize she was also in Focus.


Be sure to check her our in Neighbors.

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